Nokia stereofonní sluchátka WH-520 - Knock for Nokia by COLOUD, žlutá

Nokia stereofonní sluchátka WH-520 - Knock for Nokia by COLOUD, žlutá

Coloud Knock for Nokia headphones.
Great sound. Nonstop comfort.

Controls at your fingertips.
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2 roky
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Popis tovaru

Coloud Knock for Nokia headphones.
Great sound. Nonstop comfort.

Controls at your fingertips.
Comes with an integrated microphone and control key, so taking and making calls is super-simple.

Stay tangle-free with the Zound Lasso.
Just clip the Zound Lasso around the flat cable to keep it from tying itself into knots in your bag.

Stylish and lightweight.
Make your music sound fantastic with the Coloud Knock headphones. These ergonomically designed cans are super-comfy on your ears – without compromising sound quality.

Show your style. Profess a colour.
Find the colour to go with your Nokia phone. The Coloud Knock for Nokia is matched with the colours of our phones, so you can listen to your music in sure style.

Audio features: Stereo
Frequency response: 20 - 20 000 Hz
Speaker drivers: 40 mm high performance
Speaker impedance: 32 ohm
Directional microphone: Yes
AV connectors: 3.5 mm stereo headphone connector
Earpiece type: On-ear
Operating temperature: -5 - +40 C
Operating keys: Multifunction key

Width: 140 mm
Height: 160 mm
Weight: 78 g
Cable length: 120 cm

Environmental features:
Materials: Free of PVC, Free of BFR, rFR as in Nokia Substance List
Recycling: 100% recoverable as materials and energy
Packaging: Packaging is 100 % recyclable
User guide: Small printed guide, full on, One colour printing


The Knock - Weightless wearability.
With a robust and streamlined design, Knock is ergonomically designed to provide non-stop comfort. It’s an ultra lightweight headphone that’s strong enough to withstand the pressures of everyday listening. It delivers a sound that is clear and distinct, and comes with the patent-pending Zound Lasso that holds the flat cable in place, so that your cord won’t get tangled during transport.

The Knock - Features & Specs.
With their robust and streamlined triangular design, Coloud Headphones are built to withstand the pressures of everyday listening. Minimal parts and mechanical construction make these headphones super durable, reinforcing them against the pressures of everyday listening.

Each pair of Coloud headphones is ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort and wearability. Using a concept we like to call 3D ergonomics, each model is crafted to follow the angles of the human head for a comfortable fit.

Sound (see the waveform graph - Galerie).

Driver: 40mm dynamic
Sensitivity: 100 mV @ 1 kHz = 85 dB SPL
Impedance: 32 ohm
Frequency Range: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Weight: 78 g

The Knock - Mic & Remote.
Because most music players today are also cellphones, we’ve built a microphone and remote onto the flat cable made from TPE on all Coloud Headphones – a feature that’s handy in the real world. This means you can pick up and answer calls with your headphones, as well as forward and rewind your music using the 3 Click Microphone.
1 click Play / Pause / Answer / Hang Up
2 click Next/Forward
3 click Previous/Rewind

The Knock - Tangle-free system.
The patent-pending Zound Lasso, together with the flat cable, is the solution for a tangle-free life. The pliable plug bends 180 degrees to hold your cable in place when you aren’t using your headphones, and its angled design protects against breakage at the connection point. Just wrap the flat cable around the Zound Lasso and secure it with the pliable angled plug.